Stay Safe in the Sun: Tips You Need to Know about Wearing Sunscreen.

Using sunscreen or sunblock is necessary in your everyday beauty routine as exposure to UV rays over a prolonged period of time will damage fibers in the skin causing elastin break down which would lead to wrinkles, sunspots, aging, discoloration, and in some cases even cancer.

Facts About Best Sunscreen Use.

-Wear sunscreen every day.

-Apply at least 15-20 minutes before you go outside.

-Wear sunblock with minimum of SPF 30 to 50.

-Don’t forget to apply on the arms, chest, ears and on the neck.

-If you are outside for a prolonged period of time, grab the highest SPF sunblock and reapply after every two hours.

– Make sunscreen a part of your beauty routine – SPF in lotions and face moisturizers.

– Clean your face with a gentle cleanser when you get back from sun exposure and use Aloe and Vitamin E.

-Always have a doctor look at weird shaped and transforming moles, freckles, and dark spots.