Muranga High School- KCSE Results, Performance, Fees, Location, Contacts, Intake, Photos, Uniform.

Muranga High School is a Public Boys Boarding Secondary School located in Murang’a Town within Murang’a County.

KCSE Results

The school KCSE Results varies per year. To get comprehensive information regarding the school’s KCSE Results for each year, kindly contact the school’s administration using the contacts given below or visit the school for more information.

Muranga High School Performance

The school performance varies per year. To get detailed information regarding the school performance contact the school administration or visit the school.

Muranga High School Fees

To get information regarding the school fees, kindly contact the school administration as fees may vary with each year.

Muranga High School Location

This school is located in Murang’a Town, Murang’a


Form one intake into Public secondary schools is done by the ministry of education. However for admission into private secondary schools, contact the school administration or visit the school to know whether there is a vacancy.


Some of the photos for this school are as follows:


The school uniform is as shown in the photo below.

Muranga High School
Muranga High School

School Summary

Name: Murang’a High School
Location: Murang’a Town, Murang’a
Ownership: Public


Postal Address: P.O Box 101-10200 Murang’a
Email Address:
Mobile Number: 0724167580

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