5 Detailed But Simple Steps to Getting Flawless Base Makeup.

-To get a Flawless Base Makeup, Start with a clean face and moisturize. Use a moisturizer which works with your skin combination (oily, dry, normal). Make sure it has an SPF over 15 in it. Sun damage can occur during any season and any situation, even if exposed for a few minutes.

-Apply your foundation with a damp makeup sponge or foundation brush evenly. Use the clean side of the makeup sponge to blend into your hairline, around your jawline, and into your neck.

-Dab concealer under your eyes and on any blemish or discolored areas either with your finger or a concealer brush. Use your makeup sponge again to lightly go over the blemished areas to blend the two shades together.

-To eliminate shine and set your base, use a loose powder by applying with a powder brush. It works best if you dip your brush into the powder and give it a shake/tap to knock some of the extra powder out.

– Contouring your face is optional but as a last step getting a Flawless Base Makeup, you can grab a bronzer or a darker powder and brush a few strokes just under cheek bones, top of hairline, and jawline lightly.

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